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Web PinkMonkey. Further Distribution Is Strictly Prohibited. Janie disappeared with Tea Cake a couple of years earlier, and has come back without him. In order for Pheoby to understand the full impact of Janie's mindset, she feels she must tell Pheoby her entire life story. Protagonist Janie Crawford is clearly the story's protagonist.

You rub your arm with the book holding hand. Yeah, the gym is definitely paying off. I watch you smile. Meg Griffin Roar Batman BTFD Kentucky Tractor Puller. Janie is trying to find herself just as the South is trying to distinguish its own identity.

The stylistic vantage of first person story-telling that Hurston utilizes is connected to another characteristic of the community. Why is adherence to received tradition so important to nearly all the people in Janie's world?

How does the community deal with those who are "different"? After Joe Starks's funeral, Janie realizes that "She had been getting ready for her great journey to the horizons in search of people; it was important to all the world that she should find them and they find her.

In what ways does Janie's self-awareness depend on her increased awareness of others? How important is Hurston's use of vernacular dialect to our understanding of Janie and the other characters and their way of life?

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What do speech patterns reveal about the quality of these lives and the nature of these communities?Logan owns a farm with 60 acres of land. He grows and sells potatoes as well as chops and delivers wood. He has one mule to plow the fields and decides that he needs to add another to the stable. Though Janie hopes that it will grow, there is never any gentleness or love between her and Logan. She is 15 or 16 years old when she is married off to Logan and later, she grows to resent her grandmother for selling her off, like a slave.

There is little regard for Janie's happiness as Nanny believes Logan to be a good husband based on his financial prospects alone. Logan has traditional views on marriage. He believes that a man should be married to a woman, be his property, and work hard. Everyone contributes to tending the family land. He believes Janie should work well from dawn to dusk, in the field as well as the house, and do as she is told. She is analogous to a mule or other working animal. As such, his prospects at finding a mate based on attraction and his age are slim, thus the reason for approaching Nanny early on about an arrangement of marriage to Janie when she comes of age.

During the course of their brief marriage, Logan attempts to subjugate Janie with his words and attempts to make her work beyond the economics dissertation roles in a typical marriage. He does not appreciate her streaks of independence when she refuses his commands and he uses her family history to try to manipulate her into being submissive to him. Joe teacher their eyes were watching god Starks is Janie's second husband.

He is charismatic, charming and has big plans for his future. Janie, being young and naive, is easily seduced by his efforts to convince her to leave Logan. Ultimately, Joe is successful in gaining Janie's trust and so she joins him on his journey. Joe views Janie as a princess or royalty to be displayed on a pedestal. Because of her youth, inexperience, and desire to find true love, Jody easily controls and manipulates her into submitting to his male authority.

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Joe Starks is a man who is strong, organized and a natural leader. He has money from his time working for white men and he now aims to settle in a new community made up of African-Americans, a place in its infancy where he can make a name for himself.

Joe quickly establishes himself as an authoritative figure around the town which has no determined name or governance of any kind when he and Janie arrive.

With the money he has, he buys land, organizes the townsfolk, becomes the owner-operator of the general store and post office, and is eventually named Mayor of Eatonville. Joe strives for equality with white men, [17] particularly the mayor of the white town across the river from Eatonville. To attain this status he requires nice things: the largest white house, a nice desk and chair, a gilded spitoonand a beautiful wife.

He is a larger-than-life character and during their time in Eatonville, he has grown an equally large belly and taken up the habit of chewing nice cigarsboth of which cement his status with the locals as an important man around town.

Joe, like most of the men in the book, believes that women are incapable of thinking and caring for themselves. He likens them to children and livestock that need constant tending and direction. God, their eyes were watching god analysis sho don't think none fo themselves.

Jody is a jealous man, and because of this he grows more and more possessive and controlling of Janie. He expects her to dress a certain way buying her the finest of clothes, with tight corsets and requires that she wear her long, beautiful hair-symbolic of her free spirit and femininity- covered and up in a bun, so as not to attract too much unwanted attention from the other men in Eatonville.

He considers her long hair to be for his enjoyment alone. He restricts her from being friendly with the other townswomen, requiring her to behave in a separate and superior manner. Tea Cake is Janie's third and final husband. He is her ideal partner in her search for true love.

He is charismatic, charming, funny, and creative with a tendency to embellish stories. To Janie, he is larger than life, wise, and genuinely cares for her. Tea Cake is loving towards Janie and respectful of her as her own individual person. Unlike her previous two marriages, Tea Cake never stops trying to make her happy.

He is more than willing to share with her what he has learned from his own experiences and show her the greater world outside of her own existence. He enjoys being with Janie and playing the role of a teacher. Through Tea Cake, Janie learns to shoot a rifle, play checkers, and fish among other activities.

However, Tea Cake shows tendencies of patriarchal dominance and psychological abuse towards Janie. For instance, he keeps her from working with the rest of the people down on the muck because he believes she is above common folk. Consequently, until Janie asserts herself with Tea Cake and joins the others in working, [23] she gains a bit of a reputation for thinking herself better than everyone else. What differentiates him from Joe in this regard is that Janie essay reading habit confronts him and he acquiesces to her demand that she not be excluded from aspects of his life.

Another tendency that Tea Cake shares with Joe is his jealousy and need to maintain some amount of control over Janie. When he overhears another woman speaking poorly to Janie about Tea Cake and attempting to set her up with her brother, Tea Cake decides to take matters into his own hands. First, he discusses with Janie, a conversation he overheard between her and Mrs.

He criticizes Mrs. Turner's appearance like Janie, she story their eyes were watching god mixed-race and then successfully executes an elaborate plan to ruin her establishment. Finally, he slaps Janie around in front of Mrs.

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Turner and others to show them that he is in charge and to assert his ownership over her. In the end, Tea Cake plays the role of hero to Janie when he saves her from drowning and being attacked by a rabid dog. Tea Cake himself is bitten and eventually succumbs to the disease. Not able to think rationally and enraged with jealousy, he physically attacks Janie and she is forced to shoot and kill Tea Cake.

Therefore, she effectively ends her emotional attachment to the men in her life and the desire to seek out and realize her dream of true love. Janie is searching for her own voice and identity throughout the novel. She is often without a voice in relation to her husbands as she will not fight back. Janie is also faced with situations that make her feel that her value as an African-American woman is little to none. She is seen as distinct from other women in the novel, who follow traditions and do not find a life independent of men.

Janie's physical appeal becomes a basis of Starks and Tea Cake to have jealousy and belittle her looks. Starks orders Janie to cover her long hair as other men are attracted to it.

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Similarly, Tea Cake remarks on Janie's lighter skin and her appeal to Mrs. Turner's brother. But Janie begins to feel liberated in her marriage with Tea Cake because he treats her as an equal and mostly does not look down on her. As a result, she loves him more than she did with the other two spouses. Janie does not find complete independence as a woman until after the death of Tea Cake. She returns to Eatonville with her hair down and she sits on her own porch chatting with her friend Pheoby.

By the end of the novel, she has overcome traditional roles and cultivates an image of the "liberated black woman. Janie grew up under the care of her grandmother, Nanny.

Her experiences as a slave and freedwoman shaped the way Nanny saw the world. She hoped to protect Janie, by forcing her to marry Logan Killicks, although he was older and not attractive.

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Janie followed her grandmother's advice but found that it wouldn't be as easy to love him as Nanny had suggested. African Americans believed in marriage during the early 20th century because they had been prevented from such legal protection under slavery.

After the death of Starks, Janie meets Tea Cake and they fall in love. Her community Janie thought he was a broke nobody and were suspicious of him. Tea Cake wasn't the perfect man, but better than expected by the community of Eatonville. Jody sets her on a higher level. The women are snobs and jealous. Janie doesn't like the extracurricular activities.

The weather keeps changing unexpectedly. In chapter 6, Jody frees the assignee legal definition. How does Janie respond? Comparing him to a king or important president. Rolls her eyes and goes about her business. She is happy, and it saves her story their eyes were watching god. She scolds him for paying Matt so much money.

Janie agreed just to keep the peace. Janie tried her best to see it from Joe's perspective. Janie secretly hated Jody. How does Jody insult Janie in chapter 7? Accusing her of an affair. What does pacify mean? You have to love others besides yourself to get love from them. Nobody loves you because you've been too reckless with everyone. You've been too busy pacifying others that you didn't make time to love me. Of the following characters, race matters most to:.

Tea Cake does not invite Janie to the celebration he has for his friends on the railroad because he is afraid:.

How does Tea Cake pay for the party for his friends on the railroad? Why does Tea Cake ask Janie to pick beans with him? Who gives the first warning that a hurricane is coming? What is Janie doing when the wind picks her up and lands her in the water? Where is Tea Cake bitten? After the hurricane passes, armed men make Tea Cake do what?

Why does Janie shoot Tea Cake? The judge finds Janie:. Cram has partnered with the National Tutoring Association Claim your access. Ready To Get Started? You got me in de go long opening for a proposal of marriage. Janie has captivated Tea Cake, and he will "go long" through life with her.

Hurston has used other expressions like this to indicate limits and extremes in conversations. De big Sunday School picnic The Sunday School picnic that took place on a spring or summer day was often the biggest social event in a small community like Eatonville. Previous Chapter Next Chapter Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.

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