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The Amistad case raised critical issues of law and justice. The central issue raised by the case was whether enslaved people had the right to rise up against their captors in rebellion.

Do people who are held illegally have a right to self-defense?

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Another key set of issues involved international law regarding treaty obligations, property rights, and the legality of the international slave trade. The historical court case fueled the fire for the abolitionist movement in the United States.

Lawrence Blum of the University of Massachusetts in Boston believes that the topic of race has been given insufficient attention from scholars and students, and he uses Amistad as an example of effective education on the subject. The race issue gets ignored in contemporary education just like President Van Buren ignored it in the course of the film.

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What Good is Learning History? The first two films were relatively unsuccessful. Strikingly, the company marketed its film as history, as if the film was educational. They were being transported on the ship Amistad when, led by Cinque, they revolted against their Spanish captors, killing most of them and demanding to be sailed back to Africa. Yet they yearn for their home and they fought to get back to it.

The ending of the film was discouraging. Cinque and the rest of the freed slaves were going back to a country at war. It was rented from Hollywood Video to complete the assignment.

Telling a story about the intriguing life and life lost of the Mende people. Who were these people? Why was it such an issue on whose "property" they were? The time was aroundand the progression toward the Civil War had begun.

Stephen Spielberg's film " Amistad " is an illustrative tale of history inevitable course. On the surface, Spielberg relates the journey of Cinque's and his people to the America. In a larger sense, however, he contrasts a story of passage to America with its simple values and way of life to the arrival of an even more savage life and ideas of the civilization from Africa, a story of greater historical significance.

The characters are not extensively developed; instead, they are simply presented, even understated at a point. Spielberg's intent is to draw vivid characterizations and to create A number of parties, including Queen Isabella II of Spain, the Spaniards on board the ship, representatives from Cuba and a pair of British naval officers made claims to ownership of the ship and its cargo of slaves once it turned up on American shores. Abolitionists, here portrayed by Morgan Freeman and Matthew McConaughey, tried to have the slaves set free altogether.

McConaughey's lawyer wins his case before a series of judges and succeeds in having the slaves declared not the legal property of Spain and instead free. Although their credibility is ultimately undermined by Spielberg's treatment, the movie does contain numerous excellent acting performances.

Djimon Hounsou plays the chief African with true and awesome pathos and power. He does more than anything else in the movie to inspire sympathy for the African's cause, and some of the scenes in which he attempts to communicate with his American counsels are quite touching.

It has been talked about to this day, and the DreamWorks film Amistad re-invoked the write an essay on the civil war of it in the minds of many people. But the real question is, was this portrayal of this very controversial incident accurate. It is very accurate. The entire story of the movie is true up until the United States scenes.

In these, there is much confusion about what happened. The movie starts in the summer ofon a stormy night off the coast of Cuba, 53 Africans held captive in the cramped cargo holds of the Spanish slave ship La Amistad break free of their shackles.

Led by Cinque played by Djimon Hounsouthey arm themselves, take control of the ship and reclaim their freedom. They have one goal: to return to Africa. Without the navigational skills to guide them home, the Africans are forced to rely on the two surviving members of the crew. But they are tricked.

After two months on a ragged course up the eastern seaboard, an American naval ship off the coast of Connecticut captures the Amistad and the Africans were charged with murder and piracy. However, as the case becomes the symbol of a nation divided, two great Americans lock horns in the debate.

In the end the Supreme Court orders that the Africans be released post-haste and returned to their home. They are to find their lives in their own villages have vanished. Morgan Freeman is an excellent actor, but unfortunately, his portrayal of Theodore Joadson was wasted.

The heat here is terrible. Sticky, thick heat that sticks to your skin and clothes and makes it hard to breathe. The mosquitoes only make it worse. They dont even wait for nightfall to come out anymor Achievements of William Wilberforce Essay. William Wilberforces greatest and most important political achievement was his long but successful fight to end Britains involvement in the slave trade.You may volunteer at a Civil War reenactment or at your local Civil War historical society so you can get some hands on experience.

Write an essay on the civil war may also dress in some of the clothing of the period to experience what it felt like to get dressed during this time period.

You may also practice using weaponry from the time period to get a sense of what it was like to fight during the war. If possible, it may be useful to also visit the sites of some of the battles of october sky change constant Civil War, many of which have become monuments, to get a better sense of what it was like to walk through the site and fight on it.

Read examples of historical fiction. You can also get a better idea of the genre by reading popular examples of civil war historical fiction. You can then compare and contrast these texts, looking at the approach their writers took to address the material.

Civil War Essay - Words

You should also note the narrative style and tone of each text. Example texts include: [7] Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini. The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara.

Part 2 of Describe a particular battle. Much of the American Civil War happened on the battlefield or around the battlefield. Your story will likely involve at least one battle scene or several battle scenes. You may choose a particular battle and focus on researching the details so it appears historically accurate and convincing on the page.

There were thousands of small battles during the war but many of the major battles are listed and documented. You may then focus on the details of the battle and place your characters in this battle as the setting for the conflict and the major events.

Describe civilian life during the war.

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You should also consider what civilian life was like during the Civil War and use the domestic space as a setting for your story. Maybe you focus on how women and older people who did not fight in a battle lived. This means that they have have domestic lives that were then interrupted by the war. You could describe the contrast between these two settings. Feel free to follow this helpful step-by-step guide. It will act as your roadmap needed to structure all paragraphs or organize thoughts because it offers multiple tricks or tips for your causes of the civil war essay writing.

Follow these helpful tricks and tips to submit your exceptional piece of writing on what caused the civil war:. Read top causes of the civil war essay sample below to get a clear understanding of how exceptional papers look like.

It will help not to compromise your future grades. The causes of the civil war easily break down into cultural, political, economic, and others. There was a huge difference in the economy of southern and northern states because the south was agricultural cotton was its king and a slave labor was essentialand the north was manufacturing-based and its focus moved onto innovative industries in the 19th century.

Politically, there was a balance due to several factors. Grant, whose armies fought for grand and noble principles and were never guilty of any of the heinous war crimes perpetrated by other armies.

The inclination to depict the Civil War in this glorified manner strengthened over time until the process of converting the Civil War from hell on earth to a sacred cause systematically destroyed the anguish that the war created Research Papers words 9. Explain the nature of these re-evaluations, and the reason s they took place. Thucydides recounts the events that took place during the civil war in Corcyra. In the year tensions between the Democrats and Oligarchs exploded into civil war, both sides hailing allies from all over the world for aid.

At first the Oligarchs received aid from large a Peloponnesian naval fleet, which gave the democrats a scare Powerful Essays words 5. These results are sorted by most relevant first ranked search. You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. Grant - Commander of the Union army 8. Abraham Lincoln - President of the Union 9. Robert E. Lee - Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia confederate ; known as the greatest general of the Confederacy Black codes Jim Crow laws - Laws meant to segregate black men Abolitionists Most in the Northern states including President Lincoln were more concerned with preserving the Union rather than fighting for the freedom of all.

On the other hand the South fought to preserve what they believed to be absolute state rights. However the overall goals of the war were altered significantly by the willingness of African Americans during war. This also later contributed to the new culture and politics that followed. There was always a constant controversy with the issue of fugitive slaves throughout the time of the Civil War.

Many people ended up purchased slaves to work in the war as servants, cooks and soldiers. However, even though the Union only started allowing African Americans to fight in the war one month before it had ended, once they did so, the course of the war began to shift. At this point the North began to realize the dedication and heart the African Americans put into fighting for their freedom.

After seeing this, the Union decided to make the abolition of slavery a primary goal of the Civil How the north won the civil war and slavery was abolished.

After four years of bloody, devastating warfare mostly within the Southern statesthe Confederacy surrendered and slavery was outlawed everywhere in the nation. The restoration of the Union, and the Reconstruction Era that followed, dealt with issues that remained unresolved for generations. In the presidential election ofthe Republican Partyled by Abraham Lincolnhad campaigned against the expansion of slavery beyond the states in which it already existed.

The Republicans were strong advocates of nationalism and in their platform explicitly denounced threats of disunion as avowals of treason. After a Republican victory, but before the new administration took office on March 4,seven cotton states declared their secession and joined together to form the Confederate States of America. Both the outgoing administration of President James Buchanan and the incoming administration rejected the legality of secession, considering it rebellion.

The other beethoven essays slave states rejected calls for secession at this point.

No country in the world recognized the Confederacy. Hostilities began on April 12,when Confederate forces attacked a U. Lincoln responded by calling for a volunteer army from each state to recapture federal 5 paragraph essay on the civil war. New York: Touchstone, Lincoln, Abraham, and 5 paragraph essay on the civil war Seidman. Washington, D. Oxford: Oxford UP, Owsley, Frank L.

Stephens, Alexander H. This blog post is provided free of charge and we encourage you to use it for your research and writing. However, we do require that you cite it properly using the citation provided below in MLA format. Ultius, Inc. Ultius Blog, 20 May. Click here for more help with MLA citations. Essay on the Civil War. Click here for more help with APA citations.



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